about our chiropractic office  Duncan, SC

Dr. Matt

Your go-to Chiropractor for relief and wellness. Dr. Matt's goal is to help as many people as possible reach their full God-Given potential. God put his amazing healing and life sustaining energy in our brains, it flows down our spinal cord and out through the nerves to every organ, cell, muscle , and tissue. Any interference between the brain and the body (subluxation) will cause decreased function and eventually lead to health issues.

Dr. Matt has trained with the renowned Houston Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Johnson bringing the Ring Dinger® and X-Y-Z Adjustments to the Upstate! We will get the pressure off of the spinal cord and nerves, removing interference between the brain and body giving you the best chance to get well and stay well!

about our chiropractic office  Duncan, SC

Dr. Wes, DC

Dr. Wes is a native of NC. He attended the University of Chapel Hill where he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in EXSS. He went on to attend Sherman College of Chiropractic where he received his D.C. Dr. Wes counts it a privilege to be able to serve people through Chiropractic care.

Dr. Wes is the oldest of three kids who were all homeschooled. God and family are of utmost importance to him and he looks forward to having his own family some day.

Dr. Wes' hobbies include work of any kind, martial arts (Jiu Jitsu), chess and being outside. If you want, ask Dr. Wes to play a game...he almost always has a chess set with him.